Three Decades Of Dominance


How often do you get to say that when you’re a radio talk show host? And with Donald Trump in the White House, you could argue that Rush Limbaugh is as popular as he’s ever been. Ok, and by the way, Trump called Limbaugh’s show Wednesday, to congratulate the five-time Marconi Award winner, and ask him to keep going for another 30 years. Limbaugh also played some audio from his first radio job as a DJ at WIXZ in Pittsburgh back in 1971.


  1. I should add that I congratulate Mr. Limbaugh as well! He likely saved hundreds of AM radio stations from extinction, and that continues to this day.

  2. Um, excuse me but, his “first radio job as a DJ” was at KGMO in Cape Girardeau, MO in the late 60’s. His air name was “Rusty Sharpe”. (I believe it was the first half of 1970 when he left) I know this because I was hired soon after he left. There is tape of him at KGMO as well, but the audio quality is sub-standard.


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