Hubbard Digs Deeper Into Digital


Hubbard Radio and its digital arm 2060 Digital, have announced an agreement to purchase and ad-delivery solution called TriggerEX Ad Delivery Technology from TiWi Digital. The TriggerEX platform offers advertisers the flexibility to change message mid-flight in a social media-like way.

TriggerEX is an ad-delivery technology that enables companies to create and deliver a unique display ad and message based on the contents of a data feed in real-time.

“We have been using the TriggerEX tech for four or five years and not only does it deliver consistently more productive ad campaigns, but it also provides a nimble and timely ad message that our clients have come to expect,” said Bernie Laur, Director of Digital Sales for Hubbard Interactive — Twin Cities. “And to prove it, our clients come back year after year.”


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