Could This Be A Metrics Solution For Radio?


WideOrbit and TagStation (owner of Dial Report) have formed a partnership to help radio deliver metrics to ad buyers on actions taken by consumers as a result of radio advertising. Here’s how they plan to do it.

WideOrbit will make broadcast log data from participating station groups available to TagStation’s Dial Report through the WO Data API. The data integration will allow radio stations to directly associate advertising air times with consumer actions like Web visits and increases in foot traffic.

Dial Report measures radio performance directly from radio station playout systems.

“Advertisers know that radio is effective, but it’s always been challenging to clearly attribute results to campaigns,” said Paul Brenner, President for TagStation, LLC, the company behind the Dial Report. “By working with WideOrbit, we can provide radio stations with clear, undeniable proof that shows the value of radio advertising and return on marketing investment.”

“Our mission is to help media companies maximize the value of their inventory. A huge part of that is to assure that media sellers can demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising investments,” said Eric Mathewson, CEO at WideOrbit. “That’s why we’re especially happy to work with Dial Report to connect radio ads with consumer actions. Stations that take advantage of this partnership will be able to deliver a new level of accountability that benefits marketers, agencies, and broadcasters alike.”


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