Podcast: Regional Mexican’s Power Play


The U.S. Hispanic market is ever-evolving, and the changes seen among Latino consumers and, how marketers and brand managers are responding, continues to be seen at a breakneck pace.

Interestingly, there’s been one constant when it comes to the appeal of a particular radio format with the vast majority of Hispanics from coast to coast: Regional Mexican remains, by a wide margin, the No. 1 format in the U.S. among Spanish-language radio consumers.

It is true that you won’t find a Regional Mexican FM in Miami. But, venture an hour west to the town of Immokalee and tune to 92.1 MHz. You’ll hear “La Ley.” Travel north to West Palm Beach, and you’ll also be able to scan up a Regional Mexican FM.

One can even hear Regional Mexican music in four of the five boroughs of New York by tuning to 92.7 MHz.

Why is Regional Mexican still such a dominant format after all of these years? According to Mariano Amador, General Sales Manager for LBI Media‘s Los Angeles station group — comprised of Regional Mexican “Qué Buena” and KWIZ-FM “Ranchera 96.7” in Orange County — it is because the format has evolved with the Hispanic population.

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, Amador discusses how Regional Mexican stations are now attracting younger listeners — and women, too. He also shares how strong personalities have helped lure both audiences and advertisers to LBI’s L.A. radio brands.

Listen below to our latest podcast:



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