Dupree Gets His Voice Back


Back in December of 2017 we interviewed veteran Cox Media Group news reporter Jamie Dupree who lost his voice and had no idea why. Dupree has been covering politics for over 30 years. While on vacation with his family in 2016 he got sick and eventually lost his voice. Thanks to new technology Dupree will be back on the air next week.

Dupree was eventually diagnosed with tongue protrusion dystonia. That means his tongue would come out of his mouth when he tried to speak, making working on the radio pretty much impossible.

According to CNET a Scottish company called CereProc went through years of Dupree’s archived audio and built a voice –which, when used with a text-to-speech app sounds Like Dupree. When he types words, the text-to-speech program creates sounds with a computer-generated synthesis of his voice.

Beginning next week, Dupree will be back on the air in Cox Media Group’s hourly newscasts to report news from Capitol Hill and Washington, DC.

Read the full CNET story HERE


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