The Return Of “The Woody Show”


The Woody Show is returning to Bay Area morning radio on San Francisco’s iconic Rock radio station KFOG. Woody and his co-hosts Ravey, Greg, Menace, and Sebas debut on KFOG 104.5 FM and KFFG 97.7 FM on Monday, April 30. The Woody Show will air weekdays from 5-10 a.m.

Matt Bates, KFOG Program Director, said, “The opportunity to align KFOG with such unique and compelling talent doesn’t come along often. We recognized this and locked them in. As a fan of The Woody Show, it’s remarkable that it’s taken this long for them to have a major platform from which they can take back the Bay. The Woody Show represents that bright and entertaining spot in our morning routine. YOU KNOW!”

Woody said, “Like the lions coming together to form Voltron, the Bay Area is where all the pieces fell into place and we launched The Woody Show. Needless to say, we are hella* excited (*it’s a Bay Area thing) to be back on the air, in the market that we owe everything to. Thanks to the folks at Cumulus for fighting for us, and allowing us to be part of the evolution/revolution of KFOG.”



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