A Podcast Network Just For Women


Larj Media has launched a new podcast network created, produced, and hosted by women. Content will focus on topics including news and politics, entrepreneurship, self-development, the future of feminism, and relationships and dating. Larj Media is a company launched by Tina Nole who worked for CBS Radio News as a writer and producer of long-form news stories. She worked for Harvey Nagler, among others.

When Nole started Larj Media, she says it consisted of a wine bag full of equipment, a plane ticket to Seattle, and the knowledge that radio was changing — and she was ready for it. The Seattle-based network currently has three shows in production and nine shows in development.

Shows currently in production:
On the Success Bully podcast, Keita Williams (Success Bully Founder and Chief Strategist) breaks down those habits across time management, emotional state, goal-setting, failure, and accountability through relatable anecdotes and lively guests who are female founders and women in leadership.

Katie Anthony and Ronit Feinglass Plank talk feminism, family, funny broads, fantastic dames, and so many other f-words in this mouthy, messy, mandatory weekly podcast.

Ishea and Jess are two friends navigating their way through life in their 30s. Never short of an opinion and blessed with the gift of gab, they love trading tales about love, sex, and the general f*ckery of life. Listen along each week as they host candid conversations that will have you laughing, crying, and feeling a little less alone in this crazy world. Because we all know where dating and relationships are concerned, shenanigans will follow. So, about that…

*Shows in development*
WOMEN & WEEKD (Cannabis)
Hosted by April Pride; podcast exploring the cannabis issues that impact women in a deeper and more personalized way.

NOT TODAY! (Personal Growth)
Kelly Heron was on a marathon training run when she ducked into a bathroom and was brutally attacked by a man hiding there. While in the fight of her life, Kelly repeated the mantra “not today motherf***er!” And indeed it was not the day she would be overtaken. Kelly fought back, and with the help of a stranger was able to escape the attack and hold the perpetrator in the bathroom until the police came to arrest him. Her podcast Not Today, explores the stories of women who overcome large obstacles to obtain their dreams.

F-BOMB (Entrepreneurship)
A highly caffeinated, steaming-hot take on the week’s business, media, and technology news… with a feminist and foul-mouthed twist. Every Friday, FBomb founder Megan McNally and guests break down the fabulous and the f***ing ridiculous. Plus, we’re tracking dollars and taking names in our monthly Venture Froth.

GET IT TOGETHER/working title (Personal Finance)
When life went sideways for Chanel, she found herself in a tailspin of worry, fear, grief, and sadly, even regret. But when she told her story to others, the lessons were similar, and the feelings universal. Over half of the U.S. is terribly unprepared to answer the relatively easy question: “What happens if something happens?” There has got to be a better way to plan for the best and be prepared for the worst — and that’s what the GYST podcast is here to do. For all of us.

To check out the shows go to www.larjmedia.com.


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