Sirott And Murciano Out At WLS


WLS in Chicago will move more conservative come January 1. The husband-wife team of Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano, who now host middays, will be replaced by the syndicated Chris Plante Show (9 a.m.-11 a.m.), and Rush Limbaugh will be broadcast live (11 a.m.-2 p.m. Chicago time). One year ago Sirott and Murciano replaced Jonathon Brandmeier. The duo also hosted a show 2013-2015 on WGN.

Cumulus Chicago Market Manager Marv Nyren said, “With the addition of Chris Plante, I’m pleased that we have great continuity between the end of Big John and Ramblin’ Ray’s show at 9, and the start of Rush at 11. It just makes good sense.” Ops Manager Peter Bolger added, “Listeners made it very clear they wanted to hear Rush Limbaugh live. People want to call in to the show. And in this busy news cycle, it’s important he talk about what’s happening in real time.”

After 17 years at CNN assigned to the Pentagon and covering U.S. military and intelligence communications, Chicago native Chris Plante joined Washington, D.C., News/Talk radio station WMAL. In 2016, his program was nationally syndicated through Westwood One. Plante said, “I look forward to being the Washington embed, giving a firsthand description of what’s happening in Washington and what it can mean to my hometown of Chicago, where I grew up listening to WLS.”


  1. The Bob and Maryann show was interesting and informative.The one you have now stinks and is very negative. I am a long time fan of WLS. Please bring Bob & Maryanne back! Jim Flynn Bloomingdale il.

  2. I usually listen to the two guys off and on in the morning on my commute. If I have a late start, the Sirrott/Murciano show begins. Not to offend anyone, but she’s just not an easy person to listen to. She struggles terribly to communicate, and stumbles telling a news item. It was just painful to hear. I like the two guys in the morning, they seem to understand that Trump is just someone we have to tolerate until we get someone new in office. They don’t seem to be very far right, and that’s what I liked about Sirrott/Murciano, too, but she’s just very hard to take…….

  3. “It just makes good sense.”
    Well, not really or at all.
    What it demonstrates is more corporate (Cumulus – no less) slashing and burning.
    For whose long-term benefit remains undisclosed.
    I appreciate this is all they can do as they don’t know what else to do.
    They just don’t know.
    I am reminded of a Republican senate that had seven years to come up with a health care plan.
    They didn’t know either.


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