Boston’s WBUR And Reddit Launch New Podcast


The podcast is called Endless Thread, and will be hosted by Ben Brock Johnson. Johnson and producer Amory Sivertson will guide listeners through the best stories from “the front page of the Internet” and bring them to life in audio form. Each episode will have a thematic approach, ranging from unique personal experiences to mystifying conundrums. Endless Thread will launch on January 12, 2018 with weekly installments available every Friday to stream or download on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or podcast apps.

“Reddit is one of the most formidable communities online, and its lifeblood is people from all over the world sharing and organizing around every imaginable topic, making it an incredibly valuable resource for anyone trying to understand our world,” said Johnson. “As a journalist, I’ve been fascinated by Reddit for years, but I’ve also become an avid redditor. I’m always surprised at what a mystery Reddit is to people who don’t use it. I’m looking forward to solving that mystery for the uninitiated, and helping Redditors share their incredible, real-life stories with the world.”

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