Here Is The Entercom Mission Statement


In a company-wide call, Tuesday, Entercom CEO David Field and COO Weezie Kramer pumped up the troops of the much larger company now that former CBS employees are on the Entercom team. Kramer asked Field questions that were submitted by employees. As expected, the meeting was very positive and upbeat about the future, which Field has been touting for months, not only for Entercom but for the radio industry as well. During the call, Field and Kramer went over the Entercom mission statement which describes the “Values and Principles” of the company. Here it is…

Values and Principles
We are a mission-driving company. We care. A lot. About our communities, our listeners, our customers, our brands, our partners, our company, our work, and our teammates. The following principles guide every action and decision:

  1. Local is at the core of everything we do.
  2. We are passionate about our brands, working to deliver consistently great radio, content, events, and experiences. We never take our audiences for granted.
  3. We lead with grit, confidence, and a positive, make-it-happen spirit. We have an unwavering pride of ownership, and zero tolerance for negative thinking.
  4. We set high standards for integrity and performance. We follow through our commitments and are each accountable for delivering exemplary results.
  5. We are relentless advocates for radio. We vigorously compete for our fair share of ad spending and promote radio’s unmatched value to advertisers.
  6. We strive to be a great partner to our customers and provide exceptional service.
  7. We offer a great place to work where the most talented high-achievers can grow, thrive, and have fun.
  8. We are committed to being outstanding corporate citizens. We endeavor to make a true difference in our communities and our nation.
  9. We make smart, strategic, business decisions. We balance short-term goals with long-term growth. We do not sacrifice our future value for quick gains.
  10. We are curious and have an open, learning mindset. We never stop exploring new ideas, better solutions, and innovation.


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