iHeart Host In Ugly Twitter Fight With Richard Marx


Have you ever wondered how people managed to insult each other before Twitter came along? Here’s another example of how two adult public figures seem to revert back to their childhood name-calling days. This Twitter fight was between iHeartMedia San Antonio Sports talker Mike Taylor (pictured) and singer Richard Marx. The somewhat vulgar back-and-forth tweets followed a Marx concert in San Antonio last week.

Apparently the singer was disappointed with San Antonio’s choice of vegan food. It somehow escalated to Marx alleging Taylor said Marx’ wife, Daisy Fuentes, was a “nudie magazine girl.” After that the gloves were off and the profanity laced tweets were flying. See a few examples below from Taylor’s radio station Twitter feed. The Twitter war even got Taylor some publicity in the local newspaper. To add even more fuel to the fire Taylor changed his Twitter picture to Richard Marx Wendesday night.


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