NLRB Moving Forward With SBS Complaint


According to a press release from SAG-AFTRA in Los Angeles, the National Labor Relations Board is moving forward with a formal complaint of unfair labor practice charges filed by SAG-AFTRA against SBS. SBS CEO Raul Alarcon has said he plans to fight the charges, stating they are “not only totally false and malicious, they are, in fact, an insult to the talented and professional on-air personnel the union claims to represent.”

SBS owns two Los Angeles Spanish-language music stations, LA RAZA (KLAX/KXOL 97.9 FM) and MEGA (96.3 FM).

SAG-AFTRA alleges SBS unlawfully fired seven of its unionized employees (25% of the workforce) in retaliation for their union activities, in an effort to decimate the union, and unlawfully failed to give SAG-AFTRA an opportunity to bargain about the terminations.

Here is the list of all the charges SAG-AFTRA is alleging against SBS…

  • SBS unlawfully used a long litany of bad-faith bargaining tactics, including:
  1. performing meaningless “surface” bargaining;
  2. delaying and refusing to meet with the union;
  3. failing to send an agent with authority to bargain at the table;
  4. refusing to discuss economics;
  5. failing to furnish information necessary and relevant to bargaining;
  6. direct dealing with employees; and,
  7. making unilateral changes to employees’ health plans.
  • SBS interfered with, restrained, and coerced employees in the exercise of their rights under the NLRA by:
  1. offering employees severance pay in exchange for agreeing not to discuss their terminations with SAG-AFTRA;
  2. coercively interrogating employees about their union activities; and,
  3. threatening unit employees that they would not be eligible for promotions because of their union activities.

SBS did not respond to our request for comment late Wednesday afternoon.


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