Tracy Jones Out at WLW


It was a corporate decision to let the afternoon co-host go, according to The former Major League Baseball player (pictured left) was with the station for ten years. He co-hosted afternoons with Eddie Fingers (right). Last Thursday’s show was the last one Jones co-hosted with Fingers.


  1. That was a horrible business decision in my humble opinion. Rocky is okay when he talks about sports but otherwise he’s as dry as a stale cracker. Tracy had me tuned in every day and podcasts on the days that I missed. Never again. It could be worse you could have put Sterling in that slot, I immediately want to punch my radio the second Sterling comes on. I can’t stand him. I guess the powers-that-be think they have a wonderful marketing solution but again my humble opinion differs greatly.

  2. tracy should of been fired years ago. Very bad inconsiderate,discusting and disrespectful. You dont need to be that way to be funny or entertaining. Most of his talk was this way not to mention his selfies and sex related discussions. When he tralked about baseball , it was so bad but being a knowitall it was very hard for core audience to stomach , he was a insullt to most of his co workers as well. eddie not being the best for this time slot did smooth a lot of rough edges and tried to clean up a lot of bad subjects . – good for WLW corporate to find a way to get rid of him, even though the ratings were high , it appears the audience that was measured for this was not a good example . Prior approvals of past talk show hosts were respectful and believeable.

    • If you are that offended you apparently don’t understand the gimmick. I have met him multiple times and he’s not like that in real life but it definitely made me laugh out loud when I was driving home from work.

  3. Do the bean counters know how difficult it is to find a radio talk show that will entertain an audience. There must be Russian involvement in this decision or maybe Wikileaks. Management cannot be that ignorant.

  4. Congrats 700 wlw, You just lost a listener when you let Tracy go, I cant stand to listen to Rocky talk another minute. He is so boring and has no personality and I for one will never listen again until Tracy is brought back.

  5. Actually enjoying WLW 3-6 without Tracy. His dirty old man persona was quite annoying. But Rocky grates nerves. At least when he does TV games, I can turn the volume down.

  6. Tracy Jones was the only reason I listened to WLW radio. Why in heavens name would you fire a winner?
    Dr. Arnold Schwartz

  7. I tried listening to 700 wlw since Tracy is gone. I can’t do it anymore. Bye bye 700wlw. No morning show without Jim Scott and now no afternoon. Self destructing internally. Quality fan index is going down. This sounds like a case of out of touch management. Eddie you better bail while you still have a job. Mr Cunningham you better do the same. 700 wlw is going down the toilet.

  8. Won’t be the same without Tracy Jones, I think I might go back to listening to an FM station on the way home from work now.

  9. It was a mistake when you let Eddie Fingers go. It didn’t work without Eddie and it won’t work without Tracy. They play well off one another and it made for an enjoyable afternoon. I quit listening, it just isn’t the same.

  10. Miss Tracy. Nothing against Rocky but Eddie and Tracy were great together. They made you laugh and I like their thinking. again, nothing against Rocky.

  11. WLW… lost another listener here…….What could you have possibly been thinking….Fools….I believe is apropos here!

  12. I listened to Eddie and Tracy’s podcasts all the time living in TN, not anymore! Why would you remove the glue that made it the number one show in the region? No more 700 WLW till Tracy comes back. Loved his interactions with the guests, Seg and Eddie.

  13. Seems like someone at Clear Channel corporate has the midas touch, when it come to turning things to garbage. WLW had just won the arbitron for the quarter. Not gonna happen again. No wonder iHeart stock is down 15% over the past 90 days. Enjoy bankruptcy.

  14. Crap!!! Tracy was hilarious!! LOVED his humor!!! Sorry,for all of us listeners….In this world gone crazy…we needed the laughs…and Tracy provided just that! WLW…I’m thinkin….you’ve made a total mistake!

  15. With travel and work I don’t have the chance to listen often which explains why I’m late to the Tracy wake but Eddie & Tracy was good stuff. I appreciated the humor and off-color comments camouflaged.
    To paraphrase Tracy, “I guess the J.O.s in management needed to cut costs because the only internet commercials they have are the creepy junk guys with the magic pointer fingers and the seat belt PSAs.”
    Looks like 3-6 Eastern will be podcasts and XM…

  16. whoesever decision it was to fire tracy jones and we will never no the gutless pussy! who think they know whats best, cowtowel to the yuppy tree hugging self promoteing, idiots. really rocky fucking jock dick boymen! put that asswipe back to back with truckers network. wer’e talking entertainement dick heads not the non sense of humor jock, who every time he opens his mouth reminds me of jughead from the archies.the radio higer ups are complete pussys and don’t have a clue! good luck eddie your’e probababely next r.i.p.

  17. Tracey Jones from 3-6 pm was the “Only” reason my Wife and I ever listened to 700 WLW. Until Tracey is brought back we won’t be listening. Sorry Rocky

  18. I have tuned out completely. How do you get rid of a goldmine? Tracy please go to another radio station and beat the Hell out of wlw in the ratings and say , ” I told you so!”

  19. Tracy Jones made me laugh out loud in a car by myself. He made me think about both sides of every topic talked about. His firing will cost you ratings. I’m tuned out until baseball season starts.

  20. This is a dumb move. I listen to Willy and Eddie and Tracy. I live in Arizona, so the only way I get WLW is over my wifi radios which is a stupid iHeart feed that has those obnoxious “Year in rock” promos that cover up the real commercials (which is sad) that are going on 3 years old! I am so done now with WLW. It started slipping once Parks was removed. Listen ti WLS or my home town WDWS… least they play their commericals. That is part of the fun in listening to a station from afar by the way.

  21. I can’t believe Tracy is gone. He was the best- great sense of humor. You loved to hate him at times and he got along great with Eddie. I was a regular listener…. sadly I haven’t listened since. Good riddance WLW. Not sure of the market your going for but I get it it…. makes it a little easier to renew Sirius Radio. IHeart….. you blew it.

  22. Terrible move iHeart / 700wlw. Tracy MADE that time slot. Eddie will flounder without him, just saying. Originally a Cincinnatian, I listened to Eddie and Tracy from Idaho. No more. Nothing against rocky, but bring back Tracy. First you (iHeart) removed ability to download shows for offline listening, now you fire Tracy. Terrible management. Fire yourselves.

  23. I loved Tracy Jones, he was hilarious. But a lot of people didn’t get his humor, took me awhile to get it myself. Not much left to attract me to the 3-6 time slot. Eddie’s ok, but he talks over people all the time, very irritating. I’ll miss you Tracy……big fan

  24. bad move iheart. The only reason I listened to WLW was for Eddie & TRACY. Tracy has followers and I am one. Tracy, hurry up and get a new radio job and I will follow!!!

  25. I would imagine you have felt the drop in listenership. Hannity will slam this time slot in the rear now. Too bad, Tracy was the perfect anecdote to the end of the day. Terrible, terrible decision!

  26. You fire TRACY and leave that racist Cunningham Jerry Springer want to be on air. And the whinny know it all Scott pot head Sloan on the air what a joke. Give the station to SIMPLY Money and there endless no good advise . See yeah wlw 700

  27. What a joke you let Jerry Springer want to be Billy worst AMERICAN spew about a black president relentlessly and fire Tracy ? And know it all Scott Sloan still has a job what a jerk pot head whinny sounding baby good luck done with this station . Let Simple Money take over

  28. Great decision. I am delighted. Jones should be on late at night so he can discuss his belief’s with an older group. driving home this week has been great. Rocky is perfect for the role. Eddie will calm down in time. Good job WLW. I am back full time.

  29. If Tracy goes I’m gone to. If you think that kid (Rocky Something) can replace him think again because he is still wet behind the ears and BORING! So bring him back or the 3-6 time slot will never be the same. Damn, you gotta have some humor to keep people listening you dumb asses!! At least Cunningham is funny at times.

  30. I guess that the people who think Tracy Jones was funny and intelligent are the same ones who think Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show is good. Both are absolutely horrible and Eddie Fingers is in the same boat.

  31. Tracey may have seemed over the top at this mes, but he made the afternoon drive tolerable. His wit with Marty Brenneman on “Breeneman and Jones on Baseball” was some of the most entertaining on Cincinnati radio since the Burbank show. I think the afternoon show will drag without him.

  32. Please don’t replace him with Rocky football and politics is all he can speak about. At least Tracy was funny and he and Eddie had a great chemistry. Will miss him not sure if I can continue to listen

  33. Why not talk to the morning host from 9-12 to have him watch his language? I can’t listen to the show in the car when my grandkids are with me. Intelligent people can talk without cussing!


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