KJR Morning Man Arrested in Prostitution Sting


110 people in all were arrested in Seattle, for allegedly soliciting prostitution. It was a long-time undercover operation called “Operation On Demand” that ended the past Friday. Mitch Levy hosts mornings on iHeartMedia’s sports talker KJR in Seattle. The 50 year old was arrested August 26 and posted $500 bail. He was charged with a misdemeanor of patronizing a prostitute.

The Seattle Times reports that Levy placed $160 in cash on a bedside table in anticipation of a half-hour of sex. Levy told one of the arresting detectives he had played golf earlier in the day and claimed he had come by for a massage. Police say “there was no other reason for this suspect to come to the condo other than to purchase sex.”

An iHeart representative told the Seattle Fox affiliate: “While we cannot comment on personal matters of an employee for privacy reasons, we are looking into the situation so we can further review and respond as appropriate.”


  1. If it was legalized, regulated, and held to standards just like every other industry, there wouldn’t be trafficking or other dangerous things that come with it now. It’s only due to its illegal status now that all of the terrible outcomes happen to the women involved. Same thing with drugs. Pot became legal, black market pot dealers became obsolete. Safe sex for money becomes legal, pimps and dangerous conditions become obsolete.

  2. This is so sad as I feel for his wife and kids.
    I like Mitch so much and I hope KJR does not fire him. Everybody makes mistakes and he will pay for his privately with his family. Mitch is so good and has been with KJR since I can remember. He is the most professional and prepared host.

  3. Sports radio is full of callers who like to be antagonistic. He won’t be able to take phone calls without fearing the guy on the other end is going to blurt out something related to hookers.

  4. Although, it is morally repugnant, the whole sex trade that is, Mitch in the Morning is required to be a role model to his boys, not his audience. I go to church to refresh my moral center, I go to Mitch to find out how the M’s did last night or which UW player scored a TD…

  5. I was sick when I heard about Mitch. Two thoughts came to me–first, I feel for his wife and kids and hope his career is not ruined; second, men need to realize that this activity is not harmless but really part of the dreadful commercial chain of sex trafficking. We need to be more protective of the women caught up in this lifestyle by attacking the demand side of the equation.

  6. I have enjoyed Mitch’s show for years. I think he is one of the best sports radio hosts. I have a friend who got caught. In many ways it was the best thing that happened to him. He had to call his wife and had to admit what he did. It was like opening a wall that had dry rot and black mold behind it. They worked on their marriage, but it began with being found out. I hope the same for Mitch. I hope this isn’t the end but the beginning…..

    I will be praying for you.

  7. This is none of the company’s business. Prostitution should be legalized anyway. I think we’re all grown up enough to know that people are indulging their urges in different places and different ways, all the time. Seriously, 10 will get you 20 that somebody among the very people who’ll decide this guy’s future has visited a prostitute. Does this incident somehow affect his radio skills? Tarnish iHeart because he’s the one who happened to get caught? iHeart should worry more about their balance sheet and less about their phony moral indignation. Hopefully this will be handled with common sense.

    • Janice you obviously don’t have daughters and if you do i pity them. How can you be ok with women being trafficked for sex. you are disgusting!

    • “Prostitution should be legalized.” Hmmm, maybe you should ask the opinion of the young women who are threatened and beaten, forced into sex work AGAINST THEIR WILL. Pathetic that Mitch Levy and the rest of the scum that were arrested don’t give a damn about the VICTIMS of sex trafficing. And for years he ripped the equally execreble Tiger Woods for his out-of-marriage cheating.


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