The Hall to Commemorate 100 Years of Radio


The National Radio Hall of Fame will debut its “100 Years of Radio” exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications in the fall of 2019, the year leading up to the official anniversary. Hall of Fame Representatives say to create a tribute worthy of the medium, the current space will undergo renovation, creating an interactive experience through emerging technologies and architecture. Visitors will have access to audio performances and histories of inductees as well as valuable artifacts ranging from microphones of iconic personalities to instruments from live radio theater productions.

“This is an exciting time as we get to innovate and modernize the presentation of our medium’s rich history,” comments National Radio Hall of Fame Chairman Kraig T. Kitchin. “Plus, we’re looking forward to bringing the ceremony to New York City, especially since we received great feedback when we brought it to Los Angeles in 2014.”

Additionally, the National Radio Hall of Fame website will provide regular updates on progress. It’s currently being upgraded and will debut later this year. While the radio artifacts in the museum will be protected in storage throughout the renovation process, the Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy exhibit will be relocated and on display.


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