Commission Puts 9 More Pirates On Notice


Seven were operating in New York, one in New Jersey, and one was located in a Temple in Alaska. The Commission has given all nine pirates 10 days to respond to their notice and to shut down their illegal operations. Here are all the details.

  • Ginord Desir and Francine Henda Desir in Brooklyn were caught operating a pirate station at 93.7 from their home in Brooklyn.
  • Ian Duprey was found to have an illegal station running at 103.1 in a building he managed in Brooklyn.
  • “Cortelyou 2902 LLC,” also in Brooklyn, is accused of operating a pirate station at 103.1.
  • Vital Desvarieux of Spring Valley, New York was given notice to stop operating a pirate station from a building he owns at 88.1 in Spring Valley.
  • Willie Abreu Ulloa was caught operating an illegal station on 104.7 in New York City from his home.
  • Julian Gutierrez who lives in Yonkers was told to halt an operation he was running on Grand Avenue in the Bronx at 90.9.
  • Monroe New York resident John Resignac is caught running a station on 94.5 on North Main Street in Spring Valley, New York.
  • In Anchorage, The Baptist Temple was notified to halt operating a station at 99.9 which was broadcasting from the church.
  • In West Orange, New Jersey, Kacy Rankine was told to shut down an illegal station at 90.1 she was operating as “Roadblock Radio 90.1 FM” in Paterson, New Jersey.


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