Lessons From A Fish


(by Wayne Ens) I don’t get a chance to go fishing very often, so when I took a day off last week to go fishing I was reminded of some valuable sales lessons. Here are five of those lessons I was reminded of while trying to catch the big one…

1.)  Persistence pays off. We had fished hard all day from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. without any luck, and were ready to quit when this lunker took the bait. All too often we quit calling our prospects just before they’re ready to buy. Make one more call a day, and I’ll guarantee you a better year.

2.)  Bigger bait catches bigger fish. Presenting small radio packages does not capture your prospects’ attention as well as a larger multi-media offering. The lure I caught this Muskie on was bigger and certainly more colorful than some fish I’ve caught. Where is the “WOW” and color in your presentations?

3.)  Fish in non-traditional places. We had cast hundreds of times in the usual good fishing spots, with no luck. We started casting in a new spot on the way back to our dock when this fish surprised me. Fishing where no one else has fished can really pay off.

4.)  Change your approach. I tired numerous lures and retrieval speeds before trying this lure and catching this monster. Do you have a new “lure” or valid business reason for every call, or are you presenting the same old bait all of your competitors are using?

5.)  Know when to let your prospects “run.”  Once I set the hook, I could have easily lost this Muskie by pulling too hard and not letting him have his way. Once you “hook” your prospects interest, don’t push so hard that you break your connection. Ask questions, let them talk, and be part of developing your solution.

When you’re prospecting for new clients, these lessons can be the difference between going fishing or going catching.

Wayne Ens can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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