AdLarge Launches New Five-Hour Show


Consultant Randy Lane first heard sisters Serene and Pearl on a podcast and knew they had natural talent. They host a personality-driven show for music-formatted stations. The 7 p.m.-12 midnight program airs Monday through Friday, hosted by sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett and co-host Danny Valdes.

Lane said when he first heard Serene and Pearl he recognized that rare, engaging star-quality that the best radio hosts possess. “Serene and Pearl have big, authentic personalities and a lively chemistry that listeners embrace.”

AdLarge Media Co-Founder Cathy Csukas said, “Radio listeners want current personalities with whom they can identify. Listeners connect with Serene and Pearl and relate to their day-to-day experiences. The Serene & Pearl Show is the perfect solution for music stations that want to grow their evening audience.”

Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Serene and Pearl have 18 children between them, they are successful entrepreneurs and considered experts in healthy living, family, parenting, and work/life balance. They have two best-selling books, with a third coming out this fall, and a weekly podcast.

To hear a demo of the Serene & Pearl Show, go to

Stations interested in learning more about The Serene & Pearl Show can contact Jessica Sherman at 646-759-8431 or [email protected].


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