“The City” Lifts The Veil On U.S. Metropolises


The USA Today Network is launching a podcast called The City, from investigative reporter Robin Amer, in 2018. City explores different American metropolises, using news stories as a vehicle to examine each city’s power structure, revealing how our communities really work behind the scenes. Amer will work with Network journalists across America. Amer is an award-winning reporter, and most recently she held the position of Deputy News Editor at Chicago Reader.

“USA Today Network’s hyperlocal reach and commitment to investigative journalism is the perfect home to produce and release The City,” said Amer. “It’s clear that there is an investment in podcasting as a news medium, and I’m excited to start working with local journalists at publications across the country. These writers are deeply rooted in their communities and have a strong grasp of the core issues and struggles America’s cities and citizens face.”


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