ASCAP Has Record Year


The PRO announced Wednesday that it delivered record-breaking revenues and distributions in 2016. ASCAP collected $1.059 billion and distributed more than $918 million to its members. Distributions were up 5.6% over the prior year. The ASCAP press release did not say how much of that revenue was from U.S. radio stations, which would have been a nice little stat to know. Here’s what the release did say…

Revenues from ASCAP’s U.S. licensing grew nearly 6% in 2016 to $759 million, up $42.2 million over 2015, fueled primarily by a 41% increase in revenues from audio streaming services as well as higher revenues from satellite radio and General Licensees, such as bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, live concerts, and more. Foreign revenues totaled $300 million, up $1.5 million year over year in U.S. dollars.


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