If You Own A Translator, Don’t Jump The Gun


On Wednesday the FCC issued a warning of sorts to all broadcasters hoping to take advantage of the recent FCC rule change that relaxes restrictions on the siting of FM translators rebroadcasting AM stations. That rule change was passed on February 23. Here’s what the Media Bureau wants you to know.

“Although this order relaxes restrictions on the siting of FM translators rebroadcasting AM stations on a fill-in basis, FM translator permittees and licensees are reminded that applications or primary station notifications relying on these rule changes may not be filed prior to the effective date of the AMR 2nd R&O. In fairness to all stations that may wish to take advantage of the relaxed siting rule, any application or notification that does not comply with the current siting rule, including those that seek a waiver of the order’s effective date, will be dismissed. This processing policy will ensure that all AM stations have the same opportunity to propose potentially conflicting facilities in spectrum-congested areas and to prevent filers from gaining cut-off protection for proposed facilities that at the time of filing are patently defective. The Media Bureau will announce by subsequent public notice the effective date of these rule changes.”


  1. how about opening a window so those of us that own am stations can get a translator !! there are some 15 channels available where we live,, it would be real sipple to just apply and pay the fee,, ,,also this trafficing has caused much harm in small towns where the translator was the only service and now has been sold off,,


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