Here Are The 2017 Best PDs In Country Radio


They are some of the most important names in Nashville, and across the Country radio fruited plain. They are on a first-name basis with country music’s biggest stars and Nashville’s most important executives. Why? Because radio is still the most important outlet for music to be played and heard, and the PDs on the pages that follow carry around the keys to the radio stations country music fans love most. The relationship between country stars, Country PDs, Country radio stations, and the country music fans is like none in any other format. If you’ve ever attended a Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, you know exactly what we mean. The stars mingle with the programmers, great relationships are formed, and a lot of artists and PDs talk or text on a regular basis.

And being one of the Best Country Program Directors is much more than mingling with the stars. A successful Country PD has to execute the format flawlessly in markets where there is typically more than one station competing for country fans. A successful Country PD has to have an ear for the music, and be willing to take chances on a new song or new artist. A successful Country PD has to nurture relationships with label executives in Nashville who now have more outlets than ever to get their music to the masses. And a successful Country PD must serve the local community, which is one of the hallmarks, along with strong ratings, of a consistently successful Country radio station. And over the past year, every one of the PDs on this list has succeeded at all of those things.

Here’s a look at the list as it was printed in the February 13, 2017 issue of Radio Ink Magazine.

shelly-eastonn1. Shelly Easton
CBS Radio
Years in Radio: 30
Years Programming Country: 20


mike-brophey2. Mike Brophey
Beasley Broadcast Group
Years in Radio: 43
Years Programming Country: 30


johnny-chiang-jana-kramer3. Johnny Chiang
Cox Media Group
Years in Radio: 27
Years Programming Country: 12


tim-roberts-jason-aldeen4. Tim Roberts
CBS Radio
Years in Radio: 39
Years at WYCD: 11


steve-stewart-cole-swindell5. Steve Stewart
Twitter: @BigSteveRadio
Years in Radio: 29
Years in Country: 14


lisa-mckay-26. Lisa McKay-Blake
Curtis Media
Years in Radio: 35
Years at WQDR: 15


stevegeofferies2017-27. Steve Geofferies
Years in Radio: 21
Years at KNIX: 3


tim-richards-and-chris-stapleton8. Tim Richards
CBS Radio
Years in Radio: 25
Years Programming Country: 4


meg-stevens-and-luke-bryan9. Meg Stevens
WMZQ-FM/Washington, DC
Years in Radio: 30
Years Programming Country: 20


greg-swedberg-and-dierks-bently10. Gregg Swedberg
KEEY-FM/Minneapolis-St. Paul
Years in Radio: 38
Years Programming KEEY: 24


dj-stout-111. DJ Stout
Beasley Media Group
Years in Radio: 22
Years Programming Country: 12


jeff-garrison-and-taylor-swift-212. Jeff Garrison
KCYY-FM/San Antonio
Cox Media
Years in Radio: 34
Years Programming Country: 27


bruce-logan13. Bruce Logan
CBS Radio
Years in Radio: 33, 25 as PD
Years Programming KILT: 3


charlie-cook-and-kelsea-ballerini-214. Charlie Cook
WSM-FM & WKDF-FM/Nashville
Cumulus Media
Years in Radio: 47
Years as a Programmer: 43


travis-daily-215. Travis Daily
WFUS-FM/Tampa Bay
Years Programming Country: 20
Years at WFUS: 12


grover-collins-and-chris-stapleton16. Grover Collins
Hubbard Radio
Years in Radio: 30
Years Programming Country: 27


gator-harrison17. Gator Harrison
Years in Radio: 30+
Years Programming Country: 21


bob-barnett18. Bob Barnett
WBEE-FM/Rochester, NY
Years in Radio: 33
Years Programming Country: 29


drew-bland-with-locash19. Drew Bland
Cox Media Group
Years in Radio: 13
Years Programming Country: 10


kerry-wolfe20. Kerry Wolfe
Years Programming Country: 32




21. (tie) Mac Daniels
KPLX-FM and KSCS-FM/Dallas
Cumulus Media
Years in Radio: 40
Years Programming Country: 25


rob-morris21. (tie) Rob Morris
CBS Radio
Years in Radio: 33
Years Programming Country: 5


keny-jay22. Kenny Jay
CBS Radio
Years in Country Radio: 20


mark-anderson23. Mark Anderson
CBS Radio
Years in Radio: 26
Years Programming Country: 7


scott-roddy24. Scott Roddy
WIL & WARH/St. Louis
Hubbard Radio
Years in Radio: 26
Years Programming Country: 5


julie-stevens-and-nate-deaton-225. Julie Stevens
KRTY-FM/San Jose, CA
Empire Broadcasting
Years in Radio: 28
Years at KRTY: 25


jon-riley26. Jon Reilly
Pamal Broadcasting
Years Programming Country: 11


fletch-brown-randy-houser27. Fletcher Brown
WXFL-FM & WLVS-FM/Florence, AL
Big River Broadcasting.
Years in Radio: 20
Years Programming Country: 11


mark-mckay-and-garth-brooks28. Mark McKay
WGH-FM/Virginia Beach, VA
Max Media
Years in Radio: 24
Years Programming Country: 15


tosh-jackson29. Tosh Jackson
Years in Radio: 19
Years Programming Country: 7


sue-wilson-230. Sue Wilson
WQMX/Akron, OH
Rubber City Radio Group
Years in Radio: 36


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  3. WTH happened to WXBQ people??????? Who compiled this????? They’ve been No. 1 in ratings for over 80 consecutive Arbitron ratings. I’m shocked & disappointed!!!!! To say the least.


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