Return Of A Legend 


At least that’s how they see the return of Dave “Dr. Dave” Gross to the airwaves in Dayton. And according to the Springfield News-Sun Gross actually was pretty big-time in the ‘80s. “I was the first DJ to play this music in the market, and sometimes in the country,” Gross said. “We pushed the envelope of what was allowable by the FCC.” His new show, Dr. Dave and the Eagle Morning Zoo, airs from 6 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The show will be a blend of nonstop ’80s hits, blended with laughs from Dr. Dave.

Nancy Wilson, Director of Branding and Programming for WHKO/WZLR, said Gross is the “legendary voice” the doctor ordered for the ’80s station. The show has the Z93 Morning Zoo wackiness Dr. Dave is known for blended with a modern Eagle edge, she said. “We just needed that one missing piece, and we knew that missing piece was Dave,” said Wilson, who is also co-host of K99.1FM’s Breakfast Club.

Gross will be the station’s first DJ in at least two years.


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