Sexton Replaces McCain on America Now


Premiere announced on Wednesday that former CIA officer turned radio and TV personality Buck Sexton will start hosting America Now starting Monday. The show is heard from 6 – 9 p.m. ET on more than 100 affiliates. Sexton replaces Meghan McCain, who is leaving Premiere to focus on her expanded role at Fox News.

Sexton is a former political commentator for CNN, and previously served as national security editor for and host of “The Buck Sexton Show” on TheBlazeTV and TheBlazeRadio.

He’s a frequent guest host for The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show and The Glenn Beck Program. Sexton formerly served as a CIA officer in the Counterterrorism Center and the Office of Iraq Analysis. He completed tours of duty as an intelligence officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other hotspots around the globe, and led intelligence briefings for senior U.S. officials including President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Sexton also served in the New York Police Department Intelligence Division working on counterterrorism and counter-radicalization issues.


  1. Thank you America Now radio for getting rid of this shitbag Megan Mccain// he is a die hard liberal and so is her old man// I hated your show and now that BUCK is on I will listen again // Fox should get this witch off the air completely at this time// Now is better////////////

  2. I love the hell out of these comments. If America now radio had any sense instead of sugar coating it they should come out and say they let her go because she sucks and was dragging their lineup down and it was a mistake to have her and a mistake that it took this long to do something about it.

      • Valley girl comment is right on and it’s exactly what I thought she sounded like. The Only time I ever listened was when Brian Suits subbed for her and I always hated when she came back. I miss him and his insightful and entertaining commentary but I have learned to like Buck very much as well.

  3. This show was the worst I ever heard. Obviously a no talent loudmouth saying things her daddy believed but often did not have the courage to say himself. The coward apple did not fall to far from the tree. Hopefully this dreadful show will become listenable. Surely these 100 affiliates have been relieved to no longer be extorted in to taking this atrocious, juvenile, program to fed of the vengeance of her immoral father.

    • Preach brother, she was the worst. So glad she’s out. Kind of sucks she is moving over to fox news, I am really not liking them too lately

  4. This is what happens when you mix a hack older politician with a young, blonde trophy wife…Way to liberal on the issues…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  5. Will start listening to America Now again the last month of radio with McCain was brutal, had little to do with her ideology, her delivery and whining demeanor was unlistenable! Always wondered how she had this gig a great time slot and very little substance and even less talent. Bye Meghan and thank you for lowering the bar to such subpar levels and presenting young professional millennial women in such a bad and incompetent way!

  6. I believe McCain’s expanded role will be serving coffee, teenage gossip , and covering for her father’s lack of conservative backbone

  7. Dead Air would have gotten higher ratings then McCain, theonly reason she got the gig in the first place was probably because of the old man. She stopped taking phone calls, talked about herself way to much and had her best buddy Clay Akin on every week to bash Trump. Oh yeah, she was off like every Friday, way to be dedicated. I wonder what her expanded role on FNC will be? Good luck to Buck sometimes he has to get to the point faster but I’m sure he’ll get better with age.

  8. Actually I think Mehgan was getting pretty stagnant, always seemingly in a state of confusion and ambiguity about where she was in her political ideology. At times I felt I was listening to a teenage “valley girl” in her way of expressing herself. I think Sexton will be a fresh change and looking forward to a consistent expression of a conservative view. Good luck to him!


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