Peterson Shutting Down His Online Newsletter


After a 10-year run, Al Peterson is closing down the newsletter and website he publishes that focus on News, Talk, and Sports. The final editions of NTS MediaOnline Today, and NTS MediaOnline Monthly will be Friday, December 16.

Peterson says it was just time to move on. “After serving as the News/Talk/Sports editor for 10 years at the top industry newspaper, Radio & Records, to then creating NTS MediaOnline and building it into a reliable hub for news, information and conversation about Talk radio for the last decade, it just feels right to start a new chapter in my life – one where I’m not waking before sunrise to a blank page and a daily deadline.”

Peterson says he plans to enjoy more time with his family and pursue other interests outside the industry, but says he’ll also continue to seek new ways to positively contribute to the future success of radio, a medium he has loved since he was a kid with a transistor radio under his pillow.

Reach out to Peterson by e-mail at [email protected]


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