WMAL Shifts Larry O’Conner To PM Drive


And that means Michael Savage is out. O’Connor will host a new three-hour weekday afternoon (3-6 p.m.) show on WMAL-AM/FM beginning January 2. He segues from his co-hosting duties on WMAL’s Mornings On The Mall with Brian Wilson. O’Connor has additionally hosted a 5 p.m. EST hour on WMAL-AM/FM since 2014.

Jake McCann, Vice President/Market Manager for Cumulus Media-Washington, D.C. said, “Larry is a super talent in the industry. He’s funny and thought provoking, and his one-hour afternoon show is one of the top-ranked hours in Washington, D.C. It’s a natural progression to expand his afternoon program.”

Bill Hess, WMAL Program Director and Vice President, News/Talk for Cumulus Media said, “Larry’s success, both on our morning and 5 p.m. shows, has positioned him perfectly to re-open the local afternoon daypart on WMAL. He’s smart, entertaining, and an engaging storyteller who will anchor a program built on the stories of the day, with expanded service elements for our busy D.C. commuters.”


  1. Absolutely agree with those criticizing this move. Larry O is a rank amateur. Savage is a maestro.. It’s just that simple.

  2. Michael Savage was arrogant and unfunny. He acted like he was the only conservative on radio, would routinely interrupt guests and talk about spaghetti dinners with his dog. After the Zimmerman thing, he exposed his absolute ignorance on the gun issue, and claimed to be this big expert. I turned him off after that. Much prefer Larry in the afternoon.

  3. I guess I wasn’t paying attention and I missed it but taking out Michael Savage for her this new guy Larry who is a perfectly nice guy and seems is a horrible mistake. I automatically turn to wmal my radio station never changes now I’m going to have to find something else to listen to between 3 and 6 I know I can pick up Baltimore from here and Wool with the Reverend Sharpton it and the Gang are a lot of fun they take my calls and we have a blast. That move just like when you hired Victoria price over Mark Levin. I called John Butler and told him years ago when he hired her that it was a bad move on his part and well we all know how that worked out.

  4. Another dumb-witted move probably orchestrated by an MBA…..for me Savage is the intellectual heavy weight and I will follow him on the internet. BTW, the morning show is also a victim here since Larry did a nice job there.

  5. I will find Dr. Savage on I Heart Radio or whatever app necessary, as I was a loyal listener to Dr. Savage. I have no criticisms of Larry O’Connor, but we already had him in the morning and again in the evening from 5-6pm. I don’t agree with the “parting of ways” with Dr. Savage, and the additional air time for Mr. O’Connor. WMAL, you had a nice variety for your listeners and now you’ve screwed it up!! You’ve also lost another listener due to these changes. You need to bring Dr. Savage back, if you can persuade him now!!

  6. I’m amazed at the unanimity of support for Savage on this thread. He’s totally nuts and his views are abhorrent — but all that said I must agree that I listened to him every day and now no longer bother with WMAL during what is now regrettably O’Conner’s time slot.

  7. I have XM radio but I enjoyed Larry and Brian in the morning as they had a good thing going and I listen for the traffic. Not so much in the afternoon. Liked Savage for the unpredictability and interesting back & forth. Now once I hear the traffic I go back to listening to my XM on the ride home. Very disappointing – I hope someone else picks Savage up.

  8. Savage replaced for “yack yack”? What a loss and waste of air time. The only ones left to listen to on WMAL are Rush and John Batchelor. I’ve had to move to WTOP for any other times or just play music.

  9. Turning off WMAL. First turned off 6pm-9pm Levin. Now 3pm-6pm. Savage at 3 kept my station tuned to WMAL, but not anymore. I think I’ve heard enough of the same thing everyday. Funny and thought provoking? I haven’t anything against Larry, just doesn’t grab my attention. Booooooring.

  10. Very disappointed that you dropped Dr. Savage. I have stopped listening to WMAL because of that decision. It draws into question the reliability and integrity of WMAL. I don’t trust you now. WMAL was a breath of fresh air in the nation’s capital. Now it’s not.

  11. I work 6-2:30 so I have Larry in the morning and Larry in the afternoon. Savage is the reason I started to listen to talk radio. Big mistake wmal. Larry is boring, it’s like the same show every day.


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