Radio Still Reaches The Masses


    According to Nielsen’s second-quarter Comparable Metrics Report, radio continues to reach a massive chunk of the U.S. population despite the influx of new ways consumers can consume content. The report compared radio with television, TV-connected devices, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Here’s how radio scored.

    According to Nielsen, over 90% of adults listen to radio each week. Here’s how that breaks down by demo. In the 18+ demo, radio is second to only television when it comes to the amount of time spent with each medium every week. Americans spend 32 hours and 32 minutes with television, 13 hours and 4 minutes with radio, and 12 hours on their smartphones.

    In the 18-34 demo, radio reaches a little over 92% of the population, higher than any other medium. Smartphones were next, followed by TV. In the 35-49 demo, radio reaches approximately 95% of the population, followed again by smartphones and TV. In the 50+ demo, TV edges out radio 93% to 91%, with smartphones coming in third.



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