Which Candidate Used More Radio Last Week?


As more public companies report earnings, it certainly will be interesting to see how well they are doing with political advertising revenue. Last week, Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan said he was disappointed so far, and the report from Media Monitors each week isn’t very encouraging. Hillary Clinton used radio a lot more than Donald Trump over the past 10 days, according to the monitoring firm. Let’s find out by how much.

Between September 30 and October 9, in the 85 markets Media Monitors keeps an eye on, Hillary Clinton’s campaign ran 15,581 spots, down from 15,902 in the last report. The Super PAC Liberty Action Group aired 402 spots on Donald Trump’s behalf. Gary Johnson For President bought 177 spots, up from his 39 spots in the last report. The campaign for Donald Trump only ran two spots in the last 10 days.

On the negative side, there were 2,602 spots run against Donald Trump by the Super PAC Priorities USA Action. This was up from 729 spots in our last report. Next was the People For the American Way Super PAC that aired 291 spots, which was up from 205 spots in the last report. The Super PAC Reform America Fund bought 116 spots, slightly down from their 119 last report, which was a negative message against Hillary Clinton. And finally, the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) ran 93 spots against Donald Trump.


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