Bubba Attorneys Permanently Disbarred


ABC in Tampa has the details about Bubba The Love Sponge attorneys Stephen Diaco, Adam Filthaut, and Robert Adams. The Florida Supreme Court has permanently disbarred Filthaut and Adams in the Bubba vs. Todd Schnitt case. Earlier this year, the Florida Supreme Court granted Diaco’s request to be permanently disbarred. Filthaut and Adams argued their misconduct was severe enough to be permanently disbarred.

The attorneys were found guilty in July 2015 of multiple ethics violations for their involvement in the DWI setup of Schnitt’s attorney Phil Campbell. Those charges were later dropped. The attorneys teamed up with a paralegal from their firm to get Campbell drunk and convince him to drive her car home. Then they tipped off a friend of theirs in the police department.

Schnitt had filed a multi-million defamation lawsuit against Bubba, and lost.


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