EmpireStreaming Purchases Live365 Assets


Billboard reports Jon Stephenson’s company bought Live365 at a bankruptcy auction in July and his plan is to compete with iHeart and Pandora. EmpireStreaming helps broadcasters stream digitally and secures advertising for those clients. Stephenson tells Billboard “We work with a lot of small-to-medium sized broadcasters. If you’re a single station, or a really small station, we aggregate all of their ad inventories, so we can go directly to advertisers with a larger scale, and greater negotiating leverage.”

Stephenson explained to Billboard what his plan was for what was left at Live 365. “I definitely see that there’s an opportunity with bringing back a lot of smaller radio stations. There’s a huge opportunity with representing scale. And if we’re able to rebuild Live 365 in some shape or form, then we have that branding and we can actually go compete with iHeart or Pandora. We can actually build a significant scale.”



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