Why I Took The NAB’s Leadership Course


James Robinson is General Sales Manager for iHeartMedia St. Louis, and he’s a 2016 graduate of the NAB Education Foundation’s Broadcast Leadership Training program. The course is a 10-month Executive MBA-style program that targets senior-level broadcast executives who aspire to advance as group executives or station owners. Robinson has over 17 years in the radio business and, in addition to St. Louis, has lead successful sales teams in New Orleans, Memphis, Columbus Ohio, St. Louis and Atlanta. We spoke to Robinson about his experience in the leadership program

RADIO INK: Why did you decide to take this course?
ROBINSON: I am passionate about the broadcast business and I love this career, that being said, I set a goal to be the best broadcaster I can be. Three years ago, I sought out this course to give me the specific knowledge and skills to achieve this goal.

RADIO INK: Tell us a little bit about what takes place during the class.
ROBINSON: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staff and leading communications attorneys discuss regulatory and legal issues; members of the Wall Street and banking community provide insight into financing arrangements; and leading broadcast executives offer their first-hand perspectives on the industry

RADIO INK: What are the most important things you learned and why?
ROBINSON: My perspective of the broadcast industry before the Broadcast Leadership Training was based on my personal experience. The Broadcast Leadership Training is taught by some of the top executives in the broadcast industry, so you receive first-hand, real-time experiences from the best. My perspective has changed dramatically! The top three important lessons are: (1st )How to be the best broadcaster I can be, using my strengths to guide me; (2nd ) develop and train strong talent for the broadcast industry; (3rd ) strategically operate stations for optimal efficiencies and profit.

RADIO INK: How and why do you believe you will be able to apply what you learned as you advance your career?
ROBINSON: I have a deeper understanding of all aspects of broadcasting. I have learned specific knowledge and skills relevant to operating radio stations and group management. I now have a blueprint to become a greater asset to the broadcast industry and increase diversity among senior management.

RADIO INK: What are your plans for the future as far as your career goes?
ROBINSON: I am looking forward to continuing to grow as a broadcaster and contributing to our industry as a whole. I plan to pursue my goal of being the best broadcaster I can be and continue to be an asset to the broadcast industry.

RADIO INK: Would you recommend this course to other broadcasters?
ROBINSON: I would highly recommend this course to all broadcasters. The Broadcast Leadership Training could be summed up in a Swahili proverb that says, “What you are today is who you will become tomorrow.” BLT training helps you define who you are today and what you will be in the future.

Reach out to James to congratulate him on graduating or to discuss the program at [email protected] 

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