Subway Ramping Up Digital To Reach Customers


Here’s some interesting news from one of radio’s best advertisers. According to Digiday, Subway is putting together a 150-person digital team to focus on technology development, loyalty programs, digital strategy, and consumer behavior.

Subway Chief Digital Officer Carman Wenkoff tells Digiday that Subway is taking a good look at what “loyalty” means for consumers and how to integrate digital experience into restaurant experience. An example given is the customer experience which might not start at a Subway restaurant. It may start with seeing an online ad for Subway. “If the guest experience starts there, it has to be hyper-convenient, personalized, and consistent, regardless of the digital channel.”

Subway released a mobile app last year and is now trying to compete with chains such as Domino’s Pizza, which tracks its customers eating and spending habits and allows them to order online, by phone, watch, TV, and even voice.


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