Not Much Radio Adveritisng From Candidates


Political was supposed to help bolster radio’s revenue in 2016, however Media Monitors is reporting less than 2,000 spots aired ran on radio from all the presidential candidates combined over the past week. Media Monitors measures 82 markets across the country. Bernie Sanders ran more ads than any other candidate, however he ran over 4,000 fewer ads than the week before.

  • Sanders ran 1,215 radio spots. 1,035 spots were from his campaign and 180 spots were bought by the National Nurses United Patient Protection PAC.
  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign aired 317 spots nationwide in the last 10 days, which was up from 143 spots in our last report.
  • Donald Trump For President ran 169 spots, down from 243 spots in the previous report.
  • John Kasich For President aired 46 spots, down from 60 in our last report.
  • And Ted Cruz’s campaign bought only 15 radio spots in the last 10 days, down from 227 spots.


  1. All this means is that rep firms-lazy at best-don’t know how to get the business. Call the candidates’ agencies yourself. Don’t wait for rep business that never comes. And don’t use email. Call them and US mail any proposals. This works.

  2. This “political needs radio” BS is insane. Radio can’t get on/in the political landscape at matter how much the press wants to believe it can. It is and always will be viewed as a last minute, weekend before the election medium. #FOOLINYOURSELF


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