(2012) WTOP Leads The Billing Pack


For the third year in a row WTOP is the number one billing radio station in America. BIA/Kelsey reports that WTOP took in 64.6 million in 2012, up from $64 million in 2011. Clear Channel’s CHR KIIS-FM in Los Angeles was number two at $56.8 million. Coming in third was WHTZ-FM in New York with $48.2 million, also a Clear Channel station. In fourth, WCBS-AM in New York with $47.2 million and rounding out the top five was KFI-AM in Los Angeles with $46 million, giving Clear Channel three of the top five billers in 2012.

CBS had five of the top ten billers. Rounding out the top ten were WBBM-AM in Chicago (CBS) at $45.7 million, WLTW-FM (Clear Channel) in New York at $43 million, WINS-AM (CBS) in New York at $41.5 million, WFAN-AM/FM in New York (CBS) at $41 million, and KROQ-FM (CBS) in Los Angeles with $39.3 million.


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