Clinton Still Dominates Radio


Media Monitors released its update on the primary elections and the spots candidates ran on the radio in its monitored markets between February 26 and March 6. Hillary Clinton ran the most ads, totaling 6,815. 3,738 ran from her campaign, 2,906 from her Super PAC Priorities USA ACTION, and another 171 were purchased by the SEIU COPE (Service Employees International Union). Bernie Sanders was in 2nd place followed by Ted Cruz.

In the last 10 days, Sanders ran 4,589 spots, his campaign ran 4,398 and the National Nurses United Patient Protection PAC placed 123. The CWA Working Voices PAC added another 68 for Sanders. Cruz aired 3,024 spots; 979 from his campaign and 2,045 spots by the Keep The Promise I PAC.

Donald Trump For President ran 338 spots, putting him in 4th place. Marco Rubio cleared 261 spots in the last 10 days with 208 spots bought by the Super PAC Conservative Solutions and 53 spots by the Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy Corporation.


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