AM Revitalization Comments Due March 21


We’ve certainly given plenty of ink to the controversy surrounding the FCC’s plan to allow AM stations on the same frequency as Clear Channel AMs to retain power at night. As broadcast attorney David Oxenford points out, there are plenty of other issues up for discussion regarding the Commission’s AM Revitalization plan and comments are due this month.

Those additional items include eliminating continued dual-band AM Operators, RSS interference changes, greater use of the expanded band, daytime contours for Class B, C and D stations, and Main Studio Rules.


  1. I suppose it varies from city to city. Here in Omaha, a certain AM station comes in either #1 or #2 is the 12+ ratings, one of the more exciting stations in town is a Class C AM oldies station, the young guys listen to sports talk on AM, and the station I work for has more clients wanting to be on than there’s room for some days.

  2. AM revitalization is a pipe dream. It’s like trying to revive VHS recorders or telephone answering machines. And what a waste of taxpayer dollars!!!! …AM is dead, period. …Most people under 35 in this country think that “AM” is a term that refers to the morning part of the day. …Broadcasters should concentrate on CUTTING DOWN on the ridiculously-long commercial cluster breaks on FM that PPM’s prove DRIVE LISTENERS AWAY… they should concentrate on hiring personalities that are actually funny and worth listening to… and spend money (not trades, but REAL MONEY ) on promoting their stations. …But most owners ,especially the big ones, are doing the exact opposite of all this…trying to “cut expenses” to their way back to success. …That is as foolhardy as “AM revitalization.”….


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