Cruz Uses Radio More Than Any Candidate


More great data from the folks at Media Monitors. In this week’s report, Media Monitors combined radio ads for the Super PACs and campaigns and eliminated all candidates who have dropped out of the race. The data shows Ted Cruz pretty much dominates the radio airwaves. So exactly how many spots have aired between January 1 and February 21?

Presidential Chart

  • Keep The Promise I aired 9,839 spots for Cruz; 75% of all the spots that were run so far for Cruz: 13,094. The Super PAC Courageous Conservatives ran 259 spots and Keep The Promise* cleared 445 spots. The Lone Star Committee ran 214 spots for Cruz, while Ted Cruz’s campaign ran 2,337 spots.
  • Hillary Clinton also got a boost from her Super PAC. Clinton aired 8,803 spots in total with Priorities USA Act running 2,362 spots, or almost 30% of her spots run so far.
  • Bernie Sanders, running spots only from his campaign chest, clocked in with 5,467 ads.
  • Marco Rubio aired 2,501 spots in total, with his Super PAC Conservative Solutions PAC paying for 2,075 spots and his campaign running 426 ads. With only 17% of his ads being purchased by his campaign, ongoing fundraising will be a priority.
  • Donald Trump tells everyone his campaign is self-funded, and indeed the only spots that were run for him came from his political corporation, to the tune of 1,826 spots so far.
  • Dr. Ben Carson has only had ads touting him from a Super PAC called Our Children’s Future. They ran only 375 spots.
  • And finally, John Kasich is being supported by the Super PAC New Day For America that ran 36 radio spots since January 1 of this year.

NOTE: According to BallotPedia: Keep the Promise II and Keep the Promise III, along with Keep the Promise PAC, were established by attorney Dathan Voelter of Austin, Texas; Keep the Promise I was setup by New York accountant Jacquelyn James. Collectively, at the end of 2015, the four Super PACs had raised just over $39 million in support of Cruz’s candidacy.
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