Radio One Executives Receive Bonuses


Part of being a public company means the public not only gets to hear how much revenue your company brings in four times every year, they also get to see how much money the executives make.

In an SEC 8K filing made public Wednesday, the Radio One Board of Directors Compensation Committee determined it would pay CEO Alfred Liggins a bonus of $1.06 million and founder Cathy Hughes $425,000. CFO Peter Thompson was awarded a bonus of $297,500 and Chief Administrative Officer Linda Vilardo received $255,000. Read the criteria that determined the bonuses, which was largely based on the performance of the company in 2015, HERE.


  1. Stock price from 4.22 to 1.49 in the last 52 weeks. Seems pretty right for this industry. Nice to seem them hold their people so accountable. #lookinthemirror


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