NAB Wants Smaller Stations Exempt


Last week representatives from National Association of Broadcasters met with Commissioner Clyburn’s office to discuss the plan to move the public files online. During that meeting, the NAB renewed its proposal to have all radio stations with fewer than five employees permanently exempt from having to maintain an online public file.

The NAB says stations operating with only a single full time employee would make the additional regulatory requirement particularly burdensome. The NAB also urged the Commission to use a different threshold for phasing in the new online filing requirement. Specifically, NAB proposes that the initial online filers be commercial radio stations within the Top 50 radio markets that have 11 or more employees.


  1. I know a preacher with a commercial radio station–I do the filings for him for regulatory fees and ownership reports. He’s in his 70’s and not computer literate, he would have a hard time keeping up an on-line public file.


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