New Music Library Available For Radio


TM STUDIOS is partnering with Atomica Music to bring a new music library to radio with content that has only been available to network TV, film, and national agencies. Atomica is available now with over 30,000 tracks, with 1,000 more tracks added every year.

Greg Clancy, VP Creative/GM, TM Studios, says “What attracted us to Atomica is that it combines the artistry and excellence of ‘agency-grade’ libraries, yet it functions perfectly for the day-to-day application of production directors and imagers. It’s massive but it’s fresh…nothing in the library is older than 2010. The content is easy to search and applications are user-friendly. And, the guys at Atomica are updating constantly.”

Check out Atomica and download FIVE FREE Atomica songs to use how you like.
Email [email protected] or call Michael Capozzoli at (609) 386-1642 to order.


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