Why I’m Looking Forward To CES 2016


I’m extremely fortunate to work for Greater Media and all that it stands for: celebrating great content creation; understanding and embracing the pace of change; evangelizing our business; and, most importantly, embracing innovation. These are also some of the key themes surrounding my annual trek to the Consumer Electronics Show 2016.

It’s astonishing to think of how much has changed since attending my first CES in 2008. Our society has become attached to mobile devices, which has created good/bad outcomes and opportunities for many industries (including ours).

Connectivity has grown in leaps and bounds and now surrounds us in every aspect of our life. The in-car digital dashboard experience has become omnipresent and has created greater challenges regarding driver safety and greater challenges for our industry’s “share of dashboard space.”

CES 2016 will surprise and delight the senses with every aspect of connectivity covered, and it is a must-attend if your business, like ours, is  dealing with a connected audience. I find the show has a business-positive vibe that’s a great recharge to start the new year and I’m pleased to see new radio attendees every year.

Having said that I encourage more in our business to attend.

I’m always excited to see what is new within the “connected car” category, and this year nine automakers and more than 115 automotive tech companies will be on display. I expect to be thrilled, motivated, and at times frightened by what I see. That’s the idea!

Talk to you from the “show”!


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