Second Translator Auction Underway


Ronald Unkefer at First Ventures tells Radio Ink his second auction for FM translators at began yesterday and there are about a dozen new listings. Prices have been reduced on several of the FM translators and bidding has been made easier. The auction ends at 3 p.m. CST Wednesday. Minimum bids are now as low as $22,500 each. “Buy Now” prices are also available.

In an effort to help AM broadcasters, the FCC recently ruled that AM broadcasters can relocate an existing FM translator within a 250-mile radius with a simple filing. Any Class C or D station owner will be able to purchase and then relocate any existing commercial-band FM translator anywhere within a 250-mile radius to simulcast at their current AM station location. The FM translators being auctioned are owned by First Ventures Capital Partners or Edgewater Broadcasting.


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