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What Happened To The Shock Jock Format?

With Howard Stern making the rounds to promote his book (and telling everyone he regrets how he behaved during his popular radio years), and Bubba losing his last Florida radio affiliate, it got us wondering -- what happened to radio's shock jock format?

What Should Be Done With The Iconic WPLJ Call Letters?

It started as a Rock station in 1971 and, eventually turning Top 40, became one of the most popular radio stations in New York City. Three weeks from tomorrow, after nearly 50 years of delivering music and memories to listeners and fans in the largest market in the country, WPLJ will go off the air.

Will Klein Ever Work In Radio Again?

What happened in San Diego is a great case study in how the world has changed since social media became the part of everyone's life. Not too long ago a GM and PD would be elated when a jock devised a plan to "create buzz" that had everyone in the community talking about the station. One particular incident comes to mind right away. It took place on July 12, 1979.

More Local News From A Non-Com

Every morning at 6 a.m. Louisville Public Media will drop an episode of its new podcast WFPL Daily News Briefing. Hosted by Jonese Franklin and Bill Burton, the show is a quick on-demand look at local Louisville news. Sample it HERE. .

Radio Shines In Nashville

Earlier this week, minutes after midnight, with little warning, a very powerful tornado whipped through Nashville. When the sun came up the next day the damage and destruction was severe. 24 people were dead, property was destroyed, the community devastated.

Cream Of The Crop Form New Judging Panel

The Radio Mercury Awards has announced the final round judging panel for the 29th Annual Radio Mercury Awards. The upcoming panel of top-level agency creative leaders represents radio’s top advertising categories.

Forecast 2020: How September 23 May Have Changed Everything

On September 23, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out media ownership rules that had been approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 2017. Will that ruling impact the possibility of further radio deregulation? If so, how? Hear from those who have placed their bets on smaller markets at Forecast 2020.

Rants & Radicals. The Dividing Line of Irresponsible Content

(By John Garziglia) Alex Jones, a self-described libertarian and paleoconservative and publisher of the infowars.com website, is broadcast on 114 radio stations. Recently, his content was removed by YouTube, Facebook and Apple. Is there a case to be made that radio stations should likewise question his broadcast content?

From Morning Announcements To Morning Show Host

For the most part, radio morning shows have a male host as the lead. There are plenty of morning show teams in radio that include females, many with more than one female, but there are very few where the female controls the show. On July 16, in Washington DC, that formula gets turned on its head when Angie Ange takes over mornings for Radio One's WKYS.

Five Things Every Air Talent Can Learn From Dan Ingram 

(By Gary Berkowitz) Monday morning's headline was shocking. Dan Ingram was dead. Dan has been called the "World’s Greatest Top 40 DJ." I would have to agree since I got to listen to him daily growing up in New York City where WABC was our local station.

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