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The Quick And The Profitable

Forecast 2020 is coming up November 20 at the Harvard Club, NYC. "Independent and Optimistic: Why Smaller Can be Better & More Profitable" is one of the informative panel discussions on the agenda. On the panel will be Kristin Cantrell, owner/CEO, Cap Cities/Seven Mountains Media.

Variety Picks up Radio Ink Shock Jock Piece

Under the headline 'Is Radio's Shock Jock Era Over?' Variety quotes our featured Tuesday story with quotes from Fred Jacobs, Walter Sabo, Jon Quick, John Sebastian and Lee Abrams. The article notes how the popularity of shock jocks has withered in recent years. Read the Variety article HERE and our Tuesday story HERE.

Bad Sales, Good Sales

(By Jon Quick) Ponder this checklist of the traits of both good and bad salespeople — it’s must reading for salespeople, sales managers, and GMs. How guilty are you? How proud are you? You may find the answers here to help improve sales process and keep motivation levels up.

Anthony Cumia Uncensored

(Jon Quick for Radio Ink) In a newly released memoir, Permanently Suspended: The Rise and Fall... and Rise Again of Radio's Most Notorious Shock Jock, Anthony Cumia tells all about his storied and tumultuous radio career.

GMs: You Need To Know What The PDs Know – Pt. 3

(Jon Quick) Here's the third and final part of Jon's advice to GMs vis-a-vis PDs. Once again the piece is jammed tight with pointers. It's a great read with expert advice.

GMs: You Need To Know What The PDs Know – Pt. 2

(By Jon Quick) Today is Part 2 of Jon's three-part piece on just what GMs should know that PDs do. Breaking it all down piece by piece, it's an informative read. Get your notebook out!

GMs: You Need To Know What The PDs Know – Pt. 1

(By Jon Quick) This article is meant for general managers who have a sales rather than programming background, or for general managers that think they know programming or who were programmers a century ago.

How To Bridge The Gap Between Sales And Programming

(By Jon Quick) Whether it’s an advertiser remote or the content of the 12, 14, or 18 units an hour, there must be synergy between programming and sales to optimize the commercial parts of the station sound. If you’re a programmer who believes that there should still be a wall between programming and sales, think again.

Meet Me On The Bus: The Great Radio Talent Quest

This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the January 8, 2018 issue of Radio Ink Magazine. (By Jon Quick for Radio Ink Magazine) I believe the best place to find future talent is the smaller and medium markets. Unfortunately, voicetracking has taken the place of so much real live talent, but they are still out there. If you look. And listen.

In Case You Missed It….

(By Jon Quick) One of the great powers of radio is still its ability to be more locally focused than any other medium. Many would also agree that the more radio becomes just another music box with nondescript announcers and the lack of any differentiation, the more radio’s relevance will fade. Others might say that’s already happening. Here's my article called..."What we Can Learn From America's Small Market Treasures."

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