IBA Forges New Partnership with Radio Vendor Alliance


The Independent Broadcasters Association is joining forces with the Radio Vendor Alliance to assist small and medium-sized radio stations. The partnership will provide enhanced resources and group pricing benefits to help these stations compete against larger players.

The partnership will grant IBA members access to discounted services from RVA members, which include a variety of high-quality services like mobile app development by RadioFx, website building by Envisionwise, CRM integration by Rumple, and gift certificate marketing programs by Big Deals Media.

As part of the collaboration, the IBA and RVA are set to co-sponsor a series of free educational seminars starting in September. These monthly “Lunch and Learn” workshops are designed to equip radio station owners with the skills necessary to excel in their local markets. Topics will range from selling digital assets to incorporating AI into on-air operations, tailored based on direct feedback from station management.

The Radio Vendor Alliance was officially launched at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas during the Small and Medium Market Radio Forum.

RVA-member Navaquest’s founder and General Manager Theresa Timm said, “We will structure these live events as a teachable series on topics vital to today’s small and medium radio station owners and staff. Our presentation will be driven by input from the station management themselves.”

IBA President and Executive Director Ron Stone emphasized the alignment of goals between the two organizations, noting, “The IBA was created to help smaller media companies compete against larger competitors. With the RVA, we expand our offerings to include the necessary tools to accomplish those goals.”


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