Stopping Turnover In Its Tracks


(By Chris Stonick) Does your station have a turnover problem? It could be what you’re doing… or what you’re not doing. As a leader, it’s important to realize that many people leave because they feel unappreciated. The reality is that this is a fixable situation.

Consistent recognition is the key. Most managers/owners think recognizing workers is a good idea, they’re just not consistent in their approach. They recognize people when the mood hits them, and they miss other key opportunities.

I tell my stations the same thing: recognize EVERYONE on each work anniversary. And don’t just do it within your four walls – do it over the air.  By recognizing your workers on anniversaries, it levels the playing field. Whether it’s their first year or their thirtieth, they are being recognized!

With an employee of the month, you’re only recognizing one person a month, 12 a year.  And if someone wins more than once, that number declines further.

Pump up your recognition and you’ll pump up your morale and retention rates!

For more than three decades, Chris Stonick has helped thousands of organizations across the country with recruiting and retention while generating well over $100,000,000 in billing for his client radio stations. Contact Chris at 863-397-5615 or by email. Read Chris’ Radio Ink archives here.


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