Radio Is A Game-Changer For Advertisers Looking Beyond TV


It’s been repeatedly revealed in the past months that if an advertiser shifts its media campaign budgets from TV to include radio buys, it could see as much as a 30% reach increase. Now Audacy has provided three case studies futher backing up the value of AM/FM as an ROI machine.

With a substantial shift of viewers away from traditional TV, the efficacy of television advertising has diminished. According to research from Nielsen and dentsu, integrating radio can significantly enhance reach, especially among audiences that are less engaged with TV.

Radio is noted for reaching 84% of the audience that TV misses, including a significant portion of younger, more mobile listeners.

Of Audacy’s three examples, the first was for a Pest Control Company in Portland whose original TV spend was approximately $42,000 per quarter on three TV stations, reaching 38% of homeowners. The company redirected 20% of the TV budget to include KXSN and KYXY and reach expanded to 49% of homeowners, an increase of 145,000 additional households each quarter.

This represents a 27% increase in reach, while the dedicated TV reach saw a minimal reduction of only 2%.

Next was Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Pittsburgh. The dealership spent an estimated $84,000 each quarter on two TV stations. By shifting 20% of the budget to WDSY and WBZZ, radio increased the reach by 26%, boosting the audience from 47% to 60% of men ages 35-64 within the target area. The impact on TV reach was negligible, with less than a 3% drop.

Finally, a national campaign for Luna Flooring involved spending $285,000 across 11 TV stations in Chicago, reaching 41.6% of Adults 35-64. When Luna allocated 20% of its TV budget to radio, TV reach slightly decreased from 41.6% to 40.7%, a negligible impact. However, the overall reach of the TV and radio plan increased by 38%, exposing an additional 310,000 Adults 35-64 to the advertisements.

While many brands want to put TV into Connected TV and digital options instead of radio, Audacy SVP of Strategy, Partnerships, and Analytics Jon Blum warns, “Digital video like CTV, is extremely fragmented, making it difficult to garner significant incremental reach. On top of that, when advertisers buy digital video, they frequently turn to their TV sales person, who often builds campaigns that lean disproportionately towards their owned and operated inventory at the expense of greater reach through a myriad of different publishers.”

Audacy Vice President of Strategy & Analytics John Schwab wrote, “Leveraging Radio doesn’t mean giving up TV advertising – it means finding the best balance of both to increase reach and drive leads to your business. If you’re a TV-centric advertiser looking to optimize your media plan for additional reach, consider taking a slice of your budget and investing it in Radio. The data speaks for itself – your campaign will benefit from incremental unduplicated reach. It’s all upside for advertisers.”


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