New Hampshire Public Radio Suffers Cybersecurity Data Breach


New Hampshire Public Radio is collaborating with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement to assess a recent data breach. NHPR Chief Financial Officer Travis Boucher shared that the breach appears to have had a minimal effect on the group’s internal systems.

The breach only affected a limited number of business-related folders, Boucher explained, emphasizing the preliminary nature of the findings. He reassured listeners and donors that the extent of the breach was contained thanks to NHPR’s strong cybersecurity infrastructure and swift response measures.

However, specific details about what the folders contained or the precise timeline of the attack have not been disclosed to maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

Boucher’s communication did not specify who the external cybersecurity experts are but confirmed their engagement in a rigorous review process. He also mentioned that while the investigation into the full scope of the breach continues, the impact on the station’s operations has been negligible. NHPR’s news output and programming schedules remain unaffected.

New Hampshire Public Radio expressed its commitment to transparency and how it will communicate directly with any individuals whose sensitive information might be at risk from the data breach as the investigation progresses. The public broadcaster has already taken significant steps towards data recovery and bolstering its defensive measures to protect its databases.

Boucher commented, “The response to this incident underscores our commitment to transparency, prompt action, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders and authorities. We want to reassure our listeners, readers, members, and partners that public media remain resilient. Our efforts are focused on recovering data, continuing to safeguard those in our database, and informing affected parties.”


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