Hispanic Women Cannot Be Ignored In Radio Ad Strategies


Hispanic women are emerging as a dominant force in both media and consumer behavior and cultural trends, redefining the advertising landscape with their substantial influence on both household and luxury item purchases and proving a key part of radio ad strategy.

A new Audacy report with Nielsen data proves the necessity of placing Hispanic women at the forefront.

AM/FM radio holds a special place in the media consumption habits of Hispanic women. They are twice as likely to listen to Rhythmic/Top 40 stations. Family-oriented content, which also applies to on-demand content and podcasts, resonates strongly with Hispanic women.

Cultural identity is pivotal for Hispanic women, who seek representation in the media they consume. Advertisers that effectively incorporate Hispanic cultural elements and language into their campaigns will likely gain trust and loyalty from this demographic. The rise of Spanish-language content, especially in regions like Miami, presents a significant opportunity for marketers to connect authentically.

Audacy Florida and Tennessee Regional President Claudia Menegus said, “You have to use the home language. It’s how we speak to our family, friends and the community.  It’s common knowledge around here so it’s very easy to identify when someone isn’t from Miami or doesn’t fully understand the market. If you’re going to affect the South Florida consumer (who by the way is majority Hispanic and largely of Cuban descent) you need to understand how to connect and by that I mean, the level of authenticity of your advertising. The Spanish language and culture in Miami is very unique, so the more you sound like Miami, the more likely they will relate and react.”

Hispanic women are also becoming a powerful political demographic, with a notable increase in registered voters. Their voting decisions are deeply influenced by family-centric values, quality of education, and safety.

PQ Media projects 8.4% growth in US multicultural advertising spending for 2024 after a previous 5.7% decline, led by the Hispanic segment, especially influenced by the upcoming 2024 US presidential election. Hispanic-targeted radio stations are predicted to experience a 25% increase in political advertising revenue, reaching $41 million during the 2024 political cycle.

Radio is rapidly becoming a primary route to reach Hispanic audiences. Katz Media Group shows that 67% of Hispanic listeners have a favorite radio station, predominantly music-oriented, with 90% favoring such stations. Most listeners conveniently preset their favorite stations in their cars, and the average listener has been loyal to their preferred station for 14 years, indicating a strong, long-standing relationship.

Hispanic women are proving to be indispensable in the advertising world due to their economic influence, media engagement, and cultural pride. By understanding and leveraging these aspects, radio advertisers can unlock significant opportunities for success.


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