Anstandig: 20% Of AM/FM Listeners Think Radio Has Tapped AI


One in five listeners believes they already listen to a radio station that uses AI – this is just one of the points of Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig and his AI-powered humanoid robot co-presenter Ameca’s NAB Show 2024 keynote, unveiling the results of the tech company’s “AI in Media Study.”

Anstandig touted a significant shift in audience attitudes towards AI in radio.

Conducted by CMG Custom Research, the study surveyed nearly 5,200 media consumers across the US, including 2,624 radio listeners, to understand their perceptions and expectations of AI in media.

Another finding of the study? Audiences struggle to differentiate between human and AI-generated audio content, with 60% of participants misidentifying AI voices as human.  Anstandig said the desire for customizable AI media personalities is growing, with nearly half of the respondents expressing interest in personalizing AI-driven radio or podcast hosts.

The study also found that there’s a strong audience readiness for AI, with the widespread belief that AI can enhance song selection and introductions, improve weather reports, and enrich talk show topics. There is also a clear preference for transparency, with 90% of listeners advocating for open disclosure of AI use in content creation.

In his closing remarks, Anstandig emphasized the critical need for the radio industry to leverage both human creativity and AI efficiency to meet the increasing content demands across various platforms. He highlighted the inevitability of AI integration in media and urged the industry to embrace practical AI tools and solutions to enhance productivity and impact.


  1. Maybe that robot will get more than 4 people to attend a remote at a gas station with free drinks and hot dogs… Can it spin a prize wheel?


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